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On the way back from the Lake District, I stopped by at Borrans Field in Ambleside to see the Ambleside Roman Fort, at the northern end of Lake Windermere. It was really amazing. Roman remains in the middle of a town bustling with tourists.

The Ambleside Roman Fort covers approximately…

What to say about a conflict going on for over seven decades that hasn’t been said already? One that is rife with religious rivalries, manifesting in extremely strong political positions.

These past two weeks violence once has again escalated between Israel and Palestine. Although a truce has finally been agreed…

The Amazon is Earth’s largest tropical rainforest with its own self-sustainaing regional climate and hydrological system. It contains a diversity of forests — from montane to mangroves — across a range of distinct soils and substrates, supported by a biogeochemically-diverse riverine network that drives extensive seasonal rainfall. It has been…

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